What is the importance of an APS certificate?

The APS (Akademische Prüfstelle) certificate holds significant importance for students intending to study in Germany:

  1. Visa Application Prerequisite: The APS certificate is a mandatory requirement for your visa application when you plan to study in Germany. Without this certificate, the process cannot proceed.
  2. Authenticity of Academic Documents: It serves as a validation of the authenticity of your Indian academic documents. This is crucial for the German authorities to recognize your educational qualifications.
  3. Eligibility Criteria for University Admission: The APS certificate outlines the eligibility criteria that German universities use to assess Indian candidates. It essentially confirms that your educational background meets the standards required for admission to study courses in Germany.

The APS certificate acts as a bridge between the Indian educational system and the German higher education and visa application process, ensuring that the academic qualifications of Indian students are properly assessed and recognized for studying in Germany.

Why is it beneficial to obtain an APS certification?

Obtaining an APS certificate is advantageous for students planning to study in Germany for several reasons:

  1. Streamlined University Applications: The APS certificate simplifies the process of applying to German universities by providing them with a standardized validation of your academic qualifications.
  2. Faster Visa Processing: This certification is a key component in accelerating your student visa application process, as it is a required document for visa approval.
  3. Mandatory Requirement: It’s important to note that an APS certificate is not just helpful but a mandatory requirement for the student visa application for those aiming to study in Germany.

Exception: Students who are beneficiaries of German or EU-funded scholarships are exempt from the need for an APS certification, as their scholarship status already involves a thorough vetting process.

Should I apply for an APS certification before applying to a German university?

It is recommended to complete the APS certification process before applying to a German university. Since the APS certificate is a requisite for all students who intend to apply for a student visa to Germany, obtaining it in advance can minimize overall processing times. Completing the APS process early ensures that you have the necessary certification in hand when you submit your university application and visa paperwork. This approach helps in streamlining your admission and visa processes, making it more efficient.

Does APS India issue visa? 

APS India does not issue visas. The role of APS (Akademische Prüfstelle) is to provide the APS certificate, which is a crucial component of the visa application process for students intending to study in Germany. For detailed information regarding visa applications and requirements, you should visit the website of the German missions in India, where comprehensive guidance on the visa application process is available.

Is an APS certification necessary for attending language courses in Germany?

An APS certification is not required if your sole purpose of going to Germany is to study the German language, and you do not plan to attend a university or any pre-university preparatory classes. The APS certification process is primarily for students who intend to pursue university-level studies in Germany. If your visit is exclusively for language learning without further academic pursuits in Germany, you do not need to apply for an APS certificate.


What are the criteria for applying for an APS certification?

The APS certification is accessible to individuals of any nationality who have pursued or obtained an educational qualification from any recognized Indian school board or university. The certification is tailored for those whose academic credentials are from Indian educational institutions. For detailed insights into specific application categories and to determine your eligibility, it’s advisable to take the eligibility criteria quiz provided by APS. This quiz can offer personalized guidance based on your individual educational background and aspirations for studying in Germany.

Are vocational certificates or diplomas recognized for further education in Germany?

Vocational certificates or diplomas from institutions accredited or recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) are generally valid for further education in Germany. However, there are specific conditions to be aware of:

  1. Three-Year Diploma Post 10th Grade: A 3-year diploma obtained after completing the 10th grade is not sufficient for undergraduate studies in Germany, as 12 years of schooling are typically required for admission to undergraduate programs.
  2. Diploma Plus Bachelor’s Degree: If you have a 3-year diploma after the 10th grade, it can be considered valid when accompanied by a 3- or 4-year bachelor’s degree in a related subject (“lateral entrance”)
  3. Postgraduate Diplomas: Postgraduate diplomas issued by UGC and state-recognized institutions are accepted for further education in Germany.

These guidelines help ensure that the educational qualifications align with the German education system’s requirements for university admissions. For more specific information or clarification, it’s recommended to consult directly with the relevant German educational authorities or the APS.

Who is exempt from the APS verification process?

You do not need to apply for an APS verification if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • If you obtain a non-German degree in Germany
  • If you have a foreign degree outside of India (e.g. British degree, Turkish degree, etc.)
  • If you intend to do a PhD / PostDoc in Germany and the university does not require APS certification
  • If you have obtained an international degree in India (e.g. International Baccalaureate)
  • If you will be receiving a stipend from public funds (EU or German funds)


    Is the TestAS required for students applying to German universities?

    Candidates who have not yet completed an Indian Bachelor’s degree and are seeking admission to a Bachelor’s program in Germany are generally required to submit a TestAS score. This requirement is aimed at assessing the academic aptitude of prospective students for university studies in Germany.

    The official start date for this TestAS requirement will be announced in the News section of our website. It’s important to note, however, that candidates who have successfully cleared the JEE Main and Advanced exams are exempted from this requirement.

    For the most current information and updates regarding the TestAS requirement, please keep an eye on the official announcements in the News section.

    Is notarization required for documents submitted to APS?

    For the APS application process, documents generally do not need to be notarized.

    Exception: If you are submitting documents that have been translated into English from any Indian regional language, these translations must be notarized. This ensures the authenticity and accuracy of the translation for the verification process.

    For documents in English or bilingual documents (English and a regional language), notarization is not required.

    How many times can a candidate apply for an APS certification? 

    A candidate generally needs to apply for an APS certification only once, as the certificate is valid indefinitely once issued. For students who have not completed their Bachelor’s degree at the time of the APS verification process, it is advised to apply to German universities with certified grades from the 5th or 7th semester respectively, as provided by the APS. During the students may provide their degree certificates during the enrollment process at the German university.

    Currently, due to a high volume of applications, APS is not in a position to update the eligibility status on the certificates for candidates who may have advanced in their academic status post the initial certification.

    In case the degree certificate has not yet been issued, how long will the provisional certificate be valid for the APS verification process?

    If a degree certificate has not yet been issued, the validity of a provisional certificate for the APS verification process is subject to certain conditions. Generally, a provisional certificate that is older than one year from the date of issue may not be accepted. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that the provisional certificate you provide is either relatively recent, within the specified timeframe, or updated by the actual degree certificate to meet the requirements of the APS verification process.

    How can I submit the documents to APS India?

    You can submit the required documents to APS India through courier services to our office address. Please note that personal drop-offs are not possible, as APS does not offer public visiting hours. This ensures that document submissions are streamlined and processed efficiently.

    Academic Evaluation Centre Gate No. 3, DLTA Complex, R.K. Khanna Stadium 1 Africa Avenue 110029 New Delhi, India

    For a smooth document submission process, please make sure to use a reliable courier service and follow any specific instructions provided by APS India for document submission.

    Due to the large amount of applications reaching us each day, it is not possible to provide status updates regarding single courier deliveries to our office. Please use the tracking services offered by the respective courier service to track you documents.

    Is it possible to withdraw from the APS process and receive a refund of the verification fee?

    Once you have submitted your application online, it is not possible to withdraw from the APS process, and the verification fee is non-refundable. Please be aware that once the fee has been remitted, it will not be refunded under any circumstances. Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider your decision to proceed with the APS verification process before making the payment.

    What are the specifications for the documents to be submitted?

    The specifications for the documents to be submitted for the APS verification process are as follows:

    • Legible A4 sized colored photocopies of all original documents.
    • Both sides of all the documents must be photocopied.

    Please ensure that you provide clear and complete photocopies of your documents to facilitate the verification process.