What is the importance of an APS certificate?

An APS certificate is the prerequisite for your visa application
–        It is proof of authenticity for Indian academic documents and
–        It states the guiding eligibility criteria, which the German universities apply to the candidates while offering the students admission to the courses.

Why apply for an APS certification?

Holding an APS certificate will simplify your application process to the German universities and accelerate your student visa application. An original certificate issued by the APS is mandatory for the student visa application.
Exception: Students sponsored by German or EU funded scholarships need not apply for an APS certification.

Do you apply first for an APS certification or directly to the German university?

The APS certificate will be required for all students applying for a student visa to Germany. We therefore suggest students to complete the APS process prior to their application with the German university to keep processing times at a minimum.

Does APS India issue visa? 

APS India does not issue visa. However, the APS certificate is an integral part of the visa application process.
Kindly refer to the website of German missions in India for more details.

Is an APS certification required for attending language courses in Germany?

If you are going to Germany for the mere purpose of studying the German language without attending a university and/or without attending any pre-university preparatory classes, you will not have to apply for an APS certificate.


What are the requirements to apply for an APS certification?

Anyone, irrespective of nationality, who is pursuing or has acquired educational qualification from any of the recognised Indian school boards or universities may apply for an APS certificate.
For more information on the application categories, kindly refer to this eligibility criteria quiz.

Are vocational certificates or diplomas accepted?

Vocational certificates or diplomas awarded by UGC and AICTE accredited or recognised institutions are usually considered to be valid for further education in Germany.
Please note:
–       a 3-year diploma after completion of 10th grade will not be considered for further education in Germany as 12 years of schooling is mandatory for admission to undergraduate studies.
–       a 3-year diploma after 10th grade is accepted along with a 3- or 4-year bachelor’s degree in a related subject.
–       A post graduate diploma issued by UGC and state recognised institutions will be considered.

How do I know if I am eligible to study at a German university?

Please refer to the Quiz to find out your eligibility for studies at a German university.


Is TestAS required?

Candidates who have not yet graduated with an Indian Bachelor’s degree and who are seeking admission to a Bachelor’s program in Germany are technically required to submit a TestAS score. We will announce the official starting date of the TestAS requirement on our News section. Candidates who have cleared JEE Main and Advanced are exempted.

Do documents need to be notarized?

Documents submitted to the APS need not be notarised.
Exception: Documents translated into English language from any of the Indian regional languages must be notarised.

How many times can a candidate apply for an APS certification? 

Once a candidate has been issued an APS certificate, it is valid indefinitely. In the event of a change in the candidate’s eligibility criteria, one may be required to apply for an updated APS certificate. Kindly contact the APS India office for further information. 

In case the degree certificate has not yet been issued, how long will the provisional certificate be valid for the APS verification process?

Provisional certificate older than one year will not be accepted. 

How can I submit the documents to APS India?

A candidate can submit the required documents via courier. Our office address is:
Academic Evaluation Centre, Gate No. 3, DLTA Complex, R.K. Khanna Stadium, 1 Africa Avenue,  110029 New Delhi, India

Is a withdrawal from the APS process possible? Can my verification fee be refunded?

After online submission of the application, a withdrawal from the APS process will not be possible. 
Please note: Fees, once remitted, shall not be refunded under any circumstances.

What are the specifications for the documents to be submitted?

·       Legible A4 sized coloured photocopies of all original documents.
·       Both sides of all the documents must be photocopied