Are interviews required for all applicants?

  • Interviews are typically not mandatory for all applicants. However, candidates currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at an Indian university who have not yet completed their studies may be requested to attend an interview.
  • APS maintains the discretion to request interviews from any applicants as deemed necessary.

Applicants who are required to attend an interview will receive notification regarding the interview’s location and time via email and/or phone, typically two weeks in advance.

Is it possible to reschedule an interview?

Once an interview date has been confirmed and accepted by the candidate, it is not possible to reschedule. Candidates are expected to attend the interview on the assigned date and time.

In which language is the interview conducted?

Candidates have the option to conduct the interview in either English or German. It is important for candidates to inform APS India of their preferred language choice during the online registration process for the verification. This ensures that the interview is conducted in the language they are most comfortable with.

What is the purpose of the interview?

The primary objective of the interview is to assess whether the candidate possesses fundamental knowledge of the subjects they have studied at their high school or university in India. It is important to note that the interview will be conducted only once for each candidate.

Is there a fee for the interview?

The interview is conducted without any additional charge. There is no extra fee associated with the interview process.

How soon after the interview will I receive my APS certificate?

Candidates can expect to receive their APS certificate within two weeks following the successful completion of their interview.


What constitutes a fake document?

The responsibility for providing genuine and authentic documents lies with the student. If any document is discovered to have been altered or falsified in any way, it will be classified as fake. Candidates found to be submitting fake documents will be barred from participating in all current and future processes related to APS.


Is a language proficiency certificate required for the APS process?

For the APS verification process, candidates are not required to meet any specific language requirements. While candidates may submit language certificates voluntarily, APS will only verify their formal authenticity. However, during the subsequent visa application process, the visa section may require candidates to submit language proficiency certificates, depending on the requirements of the university to which they have been admitted. For detailed information, it’s advisable to consult the visa leaflet provided by the German missions in India.

Do German or English language certificates obtained in India need verification by APS?

If an applicant chooses to submit German or English language certificates as part of the APS verification process, APS will conduct a verification of the formal authenticity of these documents. This verification is specific to the formal aspects of the certificates provided by the applicant.

My certificates are in a regional language. Should I submit the translated versions of these documents?

If your certificates were issued in a regional language only, it is required to submit notarized English translations of all such documents. However, documents that are already bilingual, containing both English and a regional language, do not need any additional translations. This ensures that all documents are accessible and understandable in a universal language during the verification process.


How long does the entire verification process take?

We are committed to process all applications promptly. However, the current processing time is not only influenced by a recent increase in application volume but also heavily depends on the responsiveness of local authorities and institutions to our inquiries. Due to these factors, we are unable to provide a specific estimate for processing times at the moment. We are actively working to expedite each application and greatly appreciate your patience and understanding in this process.

How will I be notified when my verification process is complete?

You can track the status of your application through the online student portal by logging into ‘My Account’ on the APS India website. Additionally, you will receive an email notification once your verification process has been successfully completed. This ensures that you are promptly informed about the completion of your application process.

How will the APS Certificate be delivered?

Effective from April 24, 2023, successful candidates will be issued their APS Certificate in a digital PDF format. This digitally signed certificate will be sent to the email address provided on the registration form. The APS certificate is mandatory for applications to all German universities.

Is it possible to request an additional copy of an APS certificate?

Since APS has transitioned to issuing digital certificates, there is no requirement or provision to apply for extra copies of the APS certificate. The digital format allows for easy storage and accessibility, eliminating the need for physical copies.

My status has been marked as “non-support” in my account profile. What should I do?

Despite our best efforts, your school or university has not been cooperative in providing us with the necessary information to verify the authenticity of your academic records.

As per our verification policy, we are unable to issue an APS certificate until we receive confirmation of authenticity directly from your educational institution. This confirmation can be provided through an official institutional email address or by postal mail. Please be aware that emails from non-institutional domains like Gmail, Yahoo, or other third-party services will not be accepted for this purpose.

We strongly advise you to promptly reach out to the relevant authorities at your school or university to expedite this process. Once we obtain the required verification from your educational institution, we will be more than happy to proceed with the issuance of your digital APS certificate.


Who qualifies as a “successful candidate”?

A candidate is considered “successful” in the APS process under two primary conditions:

  1. Document Verification: Their submitted documents must be verified as authentic by the relevant educational institutions and school boards. This verification ensures that the academic credentials provided by the candidate are genuine.
  2. Eligibility Criteria Fulfillment: The candidate must meet the eligibility criteria set forth by Anabin, which is an information system for the recognition of foreign educational qualifications in Germany. Meeting Anabin’s standards is crucial for establishing the equivalency of foreign academic qualifications with German standards.

Once these conditions are met, the APS issues a certificate to the applicant. Additionally, if an interview is part of the process for a candidate, the APS certificate will only be issued after they have successfully cleared the interview. This two-step verification process is integral in ensuring that the candidate not only possesses authentic academic credentials but also has the requisite knowledge and qualifications for university admission in Germany.