Is an interview mandatory for all candidates?

·       Generally, candidates who are enrolled in a Bachelor’s program at an Indian university but have not yet completed their course of study might be called in for an interview.
·       APS reserves the right to call in any applicants to an interview as and when required.
The candidates will be informed about the location and time of the interview via email and/or phone two weeks prior.

Can the interview be rescheduled?

Once the scheduled interview dates have been accepted by the candidate, the interviews cannot be rescheduled.

Which language is the interview conducted in?

The candidate has the choice of giving the interview in English and/or in German language. The candidate must inform APS India about their preferred language while registering online for the verification process.

What is the intent of the interview?

The main intent of the interview is to establish, if the candidate has basic knowledge of the subject studied at university in India.
The interview will only be conducted once.

Is the interview chargeable?

There is no extra fee for the interview.

How long after the interview will I receive my APS certificate?

The candidates will receive the APS certificate within two weeks after successful completion of the interview.


What are fakes?

The burden of providing authentic documents rests on the student. Any document found to be tampered with or falsified will be considered as fake.
Candidates providing fake documents will be excluded from all current and future APS processes.


Is a language proficiency certificate required for the APS process?

Please note that APS does not impose any language requirements on the candidates for the verification process. If language certificates are submitted on a voluntary basis, APS will check their formal authenticity.
During the subsequent visa application, the visa section may reserve the right to ask candidates to submit language certificates according to the requirements of the admitting university. For further information, please refer to the visa leaflet of the German missions in India.

Would German or English language certificates obtained in India require verification by APS?

If the applicant voluntarily provides German or English language certificates during the APS verification process, APS will verify the formal authenticity of these documents.

My certificates are in a regional language. Should I submit the translated versions of these documents?

It is mandatory to submit notarised English translations of all documents issued in any regional language. Bilingual documents (English + a regional language) do not require any additional translations.


How long does the entire verification process take?

We strive to process all applications as quickly as possible. However, due to the overwhelming amount of applications we have received over the last couple of weeks, we currently cannot give an estimate about the processing times.

How will I know when my process is completed?

The status of your application can be checked online on your student profile under ‘My Account’ on the APS India website. You will also be informed via email once your verification has been completed.

How will I receive the APS Certificate?

Starting from 24th of April 2023, successful candidates will receive a digitally signed APS certificate via email at the address provided on the application form. The digital certificate has a validity of three years, after which it will have to be reissued. It can be used for applying to all German universities.

Is it possible to apply for an extra copy of an APS certificate?

As APS is now issuing digital certificates, there is no need to apply for extra copies of your APS certificate.


Who is considered a “successful candidate”?

If all documents of a candidate are found to be authentic as per the record of their respective educational institutions and school boards, the applicant will be considered as successful and will be issued an APS certificate.
In case a candidate appears for an interview, the APS certificate will only be issued after clearing the interview.