UPDATE 26 APR 2023:

Dear students:

The first batches of digitally signed certificates have been dispatched successfully. Please take note of the following document that will help you understand how these digital certificates can be used and verified:
Manual and FAQ for digital APS certificates


UPDATE 21 APR 2023:

Dear students:

With the goal of accelerating processing times and making it easier for applicants to apply to a greater number of German universities, APS India is pleased to announce that starting from next week, paper printed certificates will be replaced by digital certificates.

These digital APS certificates will be issued in a secure PDF file format and are validated by a digital signature. The digital certificate will be delivered to you via your registered email address upon completion of the APS verification.

The digital certificate has the same validity as the paper-printed certificate and can be used for submitting documents at VFS, the German Embassy/Consulate for student visa applications, as well as at Uni-Assist and at German universities for the admission process.

Please note that as of April 24th 2023, the digital certificate will be issued to all applicants who registered on the individual verification procedure. Applicants who are participating in a partnership or exchange program are not eligible for obtaining a digital certificate.

Students who have already received their APS certificate in paper-printed form, please be assured that your certificate remains valid and accepted by German authorities and universities.

Early next week, we will follow up with another info post on how to verify the authenticity of the digital certificate.

We hope that the introduction of digital certificates will further streamline the process and make it easier for you to pursue your academic goals in Germany.


Dear applicants,

The Academic Evaluation Center (APS) – part of the German Embassy to India – appreciates your interest in taking up academic studies in Germany. The center strives to work on your applications as quickly and efficiently as possible. It has therefore undertaken several steps to answer to the high number of applications. To further optimize the process, APS will from now on only be able to accept documents by letter post or courier. To fully concentrate on the verification process, APS cannot offer personal meetings or respond to case related queries in person. Please contact us by e-mail or by our contact form.

Your Inquiries are very important to us. Due to a high number of email inquiries there may be a delay in responses. We endeavor to reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

UPDATE 07 MAR 2023:

Dear applicants,

allegations of malpractice and bribery have surfaced on social media channels. APS takes these allegations very seriously and would therefore like to clarify a few points:

– APS is not an agent. It is a department of the German Embassy in New Delhi. APS does not have any opening hours for public visits.

– Applicants may drop off any documents between 09 AM and noon at gate 3 of the RK Khanna Stadium, as detailed in the “contact us” section of our website. APS will not entertain any case related queries. APS cannot grant access to its offices for personal meetings. 

– APS has contacted all German universities and asked for lists of admitted students for the summer semester intake. These lists are currently priority of the APS processing, in order to ensure that students holding a valid admission will make it to Germany on time. It is therefore possible that certain cases will be processed faster than others which are not mentioned on of these lists. 

– Please refrain from repeatedly mailing requests and from attaching large files, as this might lead to an automated ban by the e-mail provider. For queries, please use the contact form.

UPDATE 08 FEB 2023:

aps-india.de is NOT aps-india.com

Please be informed that the Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) is not affiliated with or run by APS Real Estate Brokerage. The website for the Academic Evaluation Centre is aps-india.de, whereas the website for APS Real Estate Brokerage is aps-india.com. We kindly request our applicants to avoid contacting APS Real Estate via email and telephone for any inquiries regarding their application status. Questions to the Academic Evaluation Centre should be addressed via the contact form on our website only at www.aps-india.de/contact-us/!

UPDATE 20 DEC 2022:

“During registration, I accidentally cancelled my CCAvenue payment? How can I pay for my verification now?”

Once the initial CCAvenue payment is cancelled during the registration of your account, you can only wire your verification fee via regular online banking and then later edit your transaction information in your student profile. 

To do so, please follow these steps:

1. Log into your account by following the “Login” link on our website and then entering both your username and password. Once logged in, please make sure to click on the “My Account” link to be taken into your user portal.

2. Once inside your user portal, please follow the “Application Download” link. This is also where you can download your submission form.

3. In the registrations section, you can choose between downloading your submission form by clicking on the cloud icon to the right, or you can edit most of your profile data by selecting the “Document Verification Registration” link.

4. After clicking on the “Document Verification Registration” link, you will see all of your submission data. 

5. Please scroll all the way to the end of your submission. At the bottom of the page you will find an “Edit this submission” link.

6. Following this link will take you back to the seven-step registration form. Please note that you will have to re-upload your picture before being able to click your way through the registration form. The final step of the registration form will allow you to add the transaction details of your online banking payment.

7.  Once the information has been entered, please update your account by hitting the “Update” button. Your payment will then be matched manually upon verification of your documents.

UPDATE 10 DEC 2022:

Yesterday’s glitch in the student portal has been resolved. The submission form can now be accessed and downloaded again through your portal.

UPDATE 09 DEC 2022:

We are aware of a glitch that some applicants are currently experiencing in the student portal which is preventing users from downloading the submission form or accessing the inbox and payment sections. 

If you are among the applicants who have just registered and currently cannot access the submission form, please go ahead, and send us your documents without the submission form. We can see your registration details on our backend, so don’t worry: your data isn’t lost! We will include the submission form to your hardcopy documents once we begin your verification. There is no need to get re-registered or make any further payments if you have already paid.

Please do not forget to include the signed authorization letter from our website’s “Requirements – Checklists” section to your hard copy documents!

We are working on solving the issue as quickly as possible and will inform you here in the news section as soon as functionality has been restored.

UPDATE 04 DEC 2022:

Starting on November 24th, our website became victim of several major DDoS attacks that required the website to be taken down for a week. As of today, Dec. 04th 2022, all functionality has successfully been restored. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this third party attack on our servers!

On the odd chance that students were able to register an account during our testing and restoring process (Nov 24th – Dec 3rd), please note that this data got wiped when moving to our new servers. If you have received any account login data via email during said period, please re-register!

UPDATE 11 NOV 2022:

Introduction of new payment option:
We are glad to announce that APS India is now offering a new payment option during the registration process. On page seven of the registration form, there will be two options from now on:

– Option 1: Offline Payment
This resembles the “old” process introduced at the start of APS India in October. Applicants should ideally have made the payment before getting registered on our website and then enter all transaction details manually during step seven of the registration process. 

Please note that given the current influx of applications and due to the inter-bank processing times, it will take us several days to match your payment to your account. In some cases where the UTR and transaction details are not being properly reflected on our bank account, it might take even longer. This is usually the case with incoming transactions made through national banks.

In case you decide to wire your application fee after registration, you may also leave the fields on page 7 of the registration form empty and directly submit your application. Once your account is activated, you may edit the payment fields through your profile portal. 

– Option 2: CCAvenue Payment
When opting for CCAvenue instead of “Offline Payment” on page seven of the registration form, you will be taken to a payment gateway which will offer you various payment choices. 

Please note that you should not enter any of the fields on page seven of the registration form manually when choosing the “CCAvenue” option.
CCAvenue is an external payment gateway and will levy charges for their services depending on the type of payment selected during checkout (e.g. Credit Card usage +2,1% + GST). These service charges will be kept by CCAVenue directly and will in no way be transferred to APS India in addition to the verification fee.

The main advantages of choosing the CCAvenue Payment gateway are twofold: (1) your APS Account will get activated automatically. (2) Your payment will reflect on your application portal immediately. You will not have to wait for us to match your payment manually.

No matter which option you choose, please make sure to send your hard copy documents directly to us via courier. You do not have to wait for a confirmation from our side to send us your application. 

Furthermore, please note that payment confirmation does not imply that your verification process is finished. 

UPDATE 04 NOV 2022:

1.) “Please give me an update on my application / payment status”:
We do understand that you are anxious about your current application status, however, entertaining these queries is very time consuming. In our own interest, we are focused on providing you with your certificates as quickly as possible. Many hundreds of you have already received their certificates over the last couple of days. 

In order to increase the number of issued certificates further, please understand that we will not reply to basic queries regarding your verification status. If there is anything is wrong with your application, we will contact you directly. 

Also, please understand that due to the large number of applications, the processing times have also increased drastically. While verification of your application itself should usually be finished within a month, it will take some administrative work before we can start processing your application. The processing time of one month commences once we have physically opened your application.

2.) Personal drop-offs and public dealings:
Given the large number of applications and in order to streamline the process for everyone, APS is currently not offering public office hours. Please mail in your application! This will allow for all applicants to be treated equally. 

3.) Editing of information on the submission form:
As mentioned before, the purpose of the submission form is to help us get your data into a digital format. In case you forgot to mention anything on your submission form (e.g. banking information), or you made a mistake (e.g. accidentally entered the wrong graduation year), or maybe you just wanted to leave a message explaining your application – please feel free to include notes to your application before you send it off to us. Should you have already sent us your hard copy documents, an email will also help us great deal. We will do our best to amend the information according the information you provided.

21 OCT 2022:

The Academic Evaluation Centre will be closed for Diwali on Monday, October 24th. As of Tuesday, October 25th 2022, we will temporarily suspend personal document drop-offs at our office until further notice.
We are wishing all students and their families a Happy Diwali!

17 OCT 2022:

Sehr geehrte Hochschulvertreterinnen und Hochschulvertreter,

die Akademische Prüfstelle Indien hat offiziell am 2. Oktober 2022 den Prüfbetrieb in den neuen Räumlichkeiten am RK Khanna Stadion in Neu-Delhi aufgenommen.

Wir möchten Ihnen gerne in einer Reihe von Webinaren über die nächsten Wochen hinweg die neuen APS-Verfahren näherbringen und Ihnen dabei auch die Möglichkeit geben, gezielt Fragen zu den neuen Abläufen zu stellen.

Die nächsten Termine lauten:

Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2022, 10:30 dt. Zeit
Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2022, 10:30 dt. Zeit
Mittwoch, 2. November 2022, 10:30 dt. Zeit
Mittwoch, 9. November 2022, 10:30 dt. Zeit

Um genügend Raum für Fragestellungen ermöglichen zu können, würde wir von unserer Seite aus, die Webinare auf jeweils 30 Teilnehmer pro Termin begrenzen wollen. 

Für die Teilnahme bitten wir Sie, uns unter Angabe des Wunschtermins und eines Ausweichtermins eine Email über ihre Dienstadresse an webinare@aps-india.de zu senden. Wir werden Ihnen dann im Anschluss den Teams-Link zur entsprechenden Veranstaltung zukommen lassen.

Wir freuen uns auf den Austausch mit Ihnen!

Ihr APS-Team

NOTE: These webinars are being held for German university representatives exclusively. Applicants are free to join our other webinar series for Bachelor and Master students, organized in cooperation with the DAAD. For more information, please refer to the DAAD’s website (www.daad.in).

UPDATE 10 OCT 2022:

1.) Registrations made prior to October 1st 2022:
We have started restoring accounts of applicants who managed to get themselves registered during a small window of opportunity when we were testing the application process on Sept. 28-30th. The process to get the data repaired unfortunately requires us to delete several individual database entries. If we haven’t identified you by now, please send an email to our “info@aps-india.de” address with the title “Pre-October registration”. This will help us identify you faster.

2.) Submission number:
Please note that your submission number is no indicator for the speed with which your verification will get processed. The submission number merely acts as an internal number that will help us trace your applications and messages to us. The speed with which your documents will get verified depends to a large degree on the willingness of your schools and universities to cooperate with us.

3.) Emails:
We are currently receiving somewhere between 500 to 1000 emails per day. Most of the questions asked in these mails have been answered on our website in the FAQ and News sections already. Please make sure that you have you have familiarized yourself with our website before posing questions. We understand that you are anxious to get your documents verified as quickly as possible, however, sending 15 emails in a row, asking about your verification status right after having received your payment confirmation will only take away precious time we would rather dedicate to people who really need our immediate assistance.

4.) Submission form:
The purpose of the submission form is to help us get your data into a digital format. In case you forgot to mention anything on your submission form (e.g. banking information), or you made a mistake (e.g. accidentally entered the wrong graduation year), or maybe you just wanted to leave a message explaining your application – please feel free to include notes to your application before you send it off to us. Should you have already sent us your hard copy documents, an email will also help us great deal. We will do our best to amend the information according the information you provided.

UPDATE 06 OCT 2022:

1.) Registrations made prior to October 1st 2022:
It has come to our attention that somehow several applicants managed to get registered on our website prior to our official opening on October 1st. Please note that all applications done before October 1st were wiped on midnight September 30th. We have identified all applicants whose data has been wiped and we will get in touch them as soon as possible to allow for re-registration. In case you have mailed your hard copy documents to us in the meantime, there is no need to do so again. After re-registration the signed application form may be mailed to us as PDF. We will make sure that your files are complete!

2.) Account activation:
We are currently receiving an enormous amount of applications each day. In order to make the process smoother for everyone involved, we have currently switched the account activation back to manual activation. This implies that your account will not be activated automatically. It will get activated through us. Please do not be alarmed about this! It will not have any negative affect on your processing times, it simply helps us to manage the large number of applicants more easily. Please refrain from sending emails complaining about your account not being “active”. As long as you have received a user name and password email from our system, we are very much aware of your account.

3.) Payment:
We have received many worried emails about the payments. As mentioned in our post on the 4th of October, we are still experiencing an issue with the portal regarding the payment history. Please note that your payment history will not be shown on your profile under “Payments” for the time being. You will be notified via email as soon as our accounting team has matched your transaction. This should usually happen within two business days after we have received your hard copy application via courier, but may also take longer in certain cases when the transaction details are faulty or unclear.
In case you have finished online registration without adding any transaction details, please make sure that you include a copy of the transaction notice to your hard copy application. This will help us match your payments.

UPDATE 04 OCT 2022:

1.) Account activation:
Please note that after completing the registration form, you will receive an email link to finish the activation of your account. In case this activation email cannot be found in your inbox, kindly also check the junk folders of your email provider.

2.) Payment:
We are currently experiencing an issue with the portal regarding the payment history. Please note that your payment history will not be shown on your profile under “Payments” for the time being. However, you should still receive an email, mentioning that your verification fee has been successfully matched against your account. Due to the influx of applications over the last couple of days, it may take up to 48 hours for the payment to get cleared. As for now, payment can be done via online banking using the banking details provided on the checklists.

3.) APS address:
When submitting your documents via courier, please make sure to use this address:
Gate No. 3,
DLTA Complex, R.K. Khanna Stadium,
1 Africa Avenue,  
110029 New Delhi, India

4.) Documents:
Please make sure to download the student authorization letter from the “Checklists” section and include it to your application. Both student authorization letter and application form need to be signed by the applicant in person. Complying with this will help facilitate the verification process!

Over the last couple of weeks, APS India has received a lot of emails by concerned students inquiring about certain aspects of the verification process. It is our goal to create a transparent process for all applicants and therefore, we would like to post answers to the most common questions here:

1. I am unable to login/ register for the APS procedure. What is the issue?

The registration for the APS process will be possible from October 1st 2022.  Submission of the APS certificate will become obligatory for student visa process as of November 1st 2022.

2. Who needs to pass APS verification?

As of November 1st 2022 all students holding Indian scholastic or academic records who wish to pursue Studienkolleg, Bachelor or Master studies in Germany will have to submit an APS verification certificate during their visa application. Students who are awarded a scholarship paid for by European funds and Ph.D. applicants whose thesis supervisor does not require an APS certificate for enrollment are exempted from the verification process.
Since APS only verifies Indian scholastic and academic records, students who are holding degrees from international schools (IB, A-Levels, etc.) or international universities may also apply directly for a student visa.

3. What types of language certificates and qualifications are accepted by APS during the verification process?

APS does not impose any language requirements on the candidates for the verification process. If language certificates are submitted on a voluntary basis, APS will check their formal authenticity. 
During the subsequent visa application, the visa section will reserve the right to ask candidates to submit language certificates according to the requirements of the admitting university. For further information, please refer to the visa leaflet of the German missions in India.

4. What is the TestAS, who needs to submit a TestAS score and how high should that score be?

As of January 1st 2023, all students who have not yet graduated with a Bachelors degree in India and who wish to apply for undergraduate studies (Studienkolleg and/or Bachelor) have to submit a TestAS score. Students who have passed both JEE Main and Advanced as well as students applying for a Master’s program who have already completed a Bachelor’s in India are exempted from the TestAS requirement.
TestAS is a standardized aptitude test for foreign applicants from non-EU countries who wish to undertake undergraduate studies at a German university. It assesses cognitive abilities and helps to familiarize yourself with the basic requirements and subject knowledge necessary for pursuing undergraduate studies in Germany.
TestAS gives prospective students information about their individual ranking compared to other applicants. You will not find the predicates “passed” or “failed” on your certificate. There is no minimum score and thus no passing mark.

5. I already have an admission letter issued by a German university. Do I still need to go through the APS verification process?

The APS certificate is integral part of your visa application. It assesses what type of access you have to the German university system given your previous academic background. It also attests the authenticity of your academic records and will thereby help facilitate the visa application process. For your visa application you will require both, a letter of admission issued by a German university and an APS certificate.