The Academic Evaluation Centre (APS India) is a service provider of the Science section of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, New Delhi in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

APS was first established in China in 2001, followed by Vietnam in 2007 and now in India in 2022. APS India is the gateway to German universities for applicants with Indian academic qualifications.

We facilitate a hassle-free admissions process for Indian students to German universities by authenticating their documents.

The successful completion of document verification allows APS India to issue a certificate which is a pre-requisite for the visa application when applying to study in Germany

With an APS India certificate in hand, applicants can prove the authenticity of their academic documents as well as their eligibility for studies in German universities.

We offer candidates with Indian academic records an easy and transparent verification procedure and thereby assist in a swift, uniform and uncomplicated visa application process.


The Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) expressly distances itself from all information published by third parties on the Internet, on blogs and on Twitter accounts. Official information is only available from the mentioned websites: (APS), www. (DAAD) and (German Missions in India). The Academic Evaluation Centre itself is not represented on any social media platforms.